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Started as a weekend project to track down a rattle and a small leak, ended up rebuilding the whole dang exhaust. The rattle wasn't a loose heatshield like I initially thought; the muffler was totally rotten. Sounded like a rain stick with so much powered metal flake cascading through the muffler like a plinko machine.

Got a set of Pacesetters from a friend on trade for a 6pk of beer (Einstok Icelandic Pale Ale. Strongly recommended)

Bought a Dynomax Turbo muffler for a Chevy Silverado or something. Basically the same length and width as stock, just not as tall. 2.5" in and dual 2.5" out. Ebay weld-on tips

2.5" pipes all the way back. The cat was also pretty corroded, and the flanges were flaking with rust so replaced it with one of those 48 state units.

I cut off the stock exhaust hangers and reused them. Pretty happy with how I managed to fit it all. Was a lot of work with lots of hanging, checking, removing, tack welding, re-hanging to check alignment, cursing at how much things moved after welding, removing, adjusting, rinse and repeat until you're ready to say awwwwforgetit I can live with open headers. My welding does need improvement, but I'm getting a little better at it every project.

Finished with some VHT Flame-proof matte black paint that makes the muffler nearly disappear under the bumper.

It's a touch louder than I had hoped, but not too bad. Not sure my neighbors agree with my amplitudinal evaluation, but sure does let that old Toyota straight six announce her arrival with a lovely note.

The difference in throttle response and how fast the engine revs is substantial. Overall, I'm happy and the effort was worthwhile. Has made the car more fun with faster revs and a great sound.

Thanks for reading!


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Matches, NICE work!!
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