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Paint Chips/Touch up paint

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Ok guys i did a search and nothing really matched what i was looking for. My 85 supra's paint is still almost perfect with a few imperfections in the typical spots (under gas door, under power antenna, and around the lower spoiler on the hatch)
My question is are there any good touch up paints that you can recommend that would match the color fairly close? should i go to toyota or are there good touch up paint websites??
Thanks guys/gals
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Use the Toyota OEM touch-up. Look at the Langka system for making the repairs less noticable.. It works real well, once you get the technique down.
So you're saying Toyota actually still carrys the touch up paint? I'm checking out that site now. Thanks
They did for mine, a Super Red '84. Chances are they have recycled that same color. You need to get the paint code off the firewall plate. It makes it easier for the parts guy to find, the name of the color may have changed depending on model and year of vehicle it was used on. Langka works well on factory paint, it raises hell with repainted cars. It appears to be some sort of solvent that dissolves the touch-up, but leaves the original paint alone.

The Langka site is pretty clear on what you can a cannot do with the system. I think the stuff is fantastic.
You can "try" Toyota, but the problem is that their current paint codes only go back to 1995. I know for a fact that I cannot get Super Deep Red/Code 3F2 from them anymore.

Another option that you can try is the website over at Some peeps have used them already to order Code 3A7 Terra Cotta touch up paint from them. Also you can order them in different quantities/amounts.

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