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Parking Lights

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I bought an 85(wrap around parking lights) but the bumper was wrecked so I replace it with an 82 bumper with the turn signal/ forward parking lights combo and side marker light.
Anyway the forward bumper parking lights only light up with the turn or hazard signal. Is this the way it should be or is my wiring screwed up.

I'm thinking I have to splince the side marker lights into the bumper parking lights????? Any thoughts??????

What kind of bulb whould be best or recommended?

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the 82-83 bumpers still have a seperate park light and turn signals... the lenses integrated to the bumper is the turn signal and the park lights are on the side fender in front of the front tire
So they don't light up

So the bumper mounted lights in an 82-83 are exclusively turn signals, and never light up except with the hazard or turn signal. Correct?
And the only Forward parking lights are the side marker lamps.

Cool then my rewiring job is right.

Yes, the bumper mounted lights (the outermost amber lights in the bumper) are exclusively turn signals in the 82-83.

The side marker lights come on with parking lights. Also, the little lights in the foglight housing come on with parking lights as your forward facing parking lights.

Hope that clears it up for you.

Great Thanks............Thats one less thing to worry about.
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