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Part number help! Chris Eng, Leslie, gurus?

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I'm really sorry to crosspost, but I'm still figuring out this new forum, and it looks like the driveline forum is not too well trafficked. I tried the Yahoo forum, but it's mostly dead these days it seems.
So here goes:

I went ahead and called the Guru (Jeff) at Champion Toyota (used to be Jay Marks Toyota) for some help. His digging came up with four part numbers. He believes, by the way, that my 83 Ltype (F302, 3.727) came with a 33-tooth speedo gear. I won't know until I pull it and look.
Here are the part numbers he gave me. Anyone have corroborating info?

31-tooth = 33403-29145
33-tooth = 33403-29115 = maybe 3.727?
34-tooth = 33403-39075
35-tooth = 33403-19235

AFAIK, the MK2 only came with 3 possible rears: 3.727 (F30x), 4.10 (F29x), and 4.30 (F28x). Isn't the 3.90 (F31x) only from the Cressida?

Can anyone tell me which rear end actually goes with which gear?

'83 Ltype
'85 Ptype
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