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parts wanted to rebuild my 5mge head

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Hey all-please forgive me as I posted a similar request recently, but didnt receive much in the way of responses.
I am searching for replacement parts for my 5mge head. Machinist says i need new valves, springs, followers, lifters, and cams. I am looking for (preferably new) replacements for basically everthing that moves inside the head. This is a local shop, and everyone I have talked to says they are the place to go to for performance work-very good reputation. If anyone has some of these parts for sale, please contact me-or drop a line with a resource and I can do the legwork. I have sent email to Manley twice (asking if they have the replacement valves) and NO responses. I have priced all of these things at Toyota-with regard to their prices-the word would be "rediculous".
Thanks loads!
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my advice to you would be to find a lowish milage cressida (84 to 88 ) or other 5mge bearing car and get a head off of it. If all of that stuff is actually worn enough that it needs to be replaced, it would be cheaper to just get a lower milage head and refresh it.
The machinist said the head itself, and housings are good-are you suggesting that I take the parts out of the "new" head and put in the old one? I just want to put new parts in the old head and have it re-assembled. Is there a source for any of these components? Valves and springs I would figure are available, and I would understand if stuff like the cams are tougher to get. I do have another head, but the mileage is similar to the mileage on the head in question. The mix and match thing just seems as if it would be a hack-job.
Thanks for the response
I offer remanufactured parts for the 5m/6m heads. All are core-exchange items, and pricing is as follows:

Rocker arms $4.20 ea
Lash adjusters $44 ea (ouch!)
Camshafts $59 ea

Since you're in there, I suggest you have new bronze valve guides installed. Guides should cost you $3-4 ea, with about $4-$6 each for install. Good luck!
I will post info on valves, springs, etc on 11-17-03 in the a.m.
Sounds pretty good so far-I will get my old parts from my machinist, and I hope to hear from you real soon!
I would question the machinist as to why some of those parts need to be replaced, especially the valves. Seems kinda odd that they didn't mention the guides when that is whats supposed to wear not the valves. And you rarely see worn out valve guides in Toyota engines.
Worn valve guides can happen, depending on mileage. When I had my BHG & had the head sent to the machine shop, the machinist did say that my valve guides were worn & needed to be replaced... The valves themselves were still fine, just needed to get all of the carbon crap off... This was on a 279K miles motor.
I did speak to the amchinist-he says the intake valves are ok-not great-but ok. The exhaust valves have "rolled lips"-they are rolled up on the edges, and need replacing. He also says the guides are good. Apparently all stems are good-just the lips of the exhaust valves are toast.
The text you saw here earlier was a figment of your imagination. I accidentally entered that info here, when it should have gone into this thread:

Sorry for the confusion.
well, id be interested in os ss valves. the guy i got my os ss 7mgte valves from is working on it he says, i dont know when/if they will be done. supposedly they are in the testing stage. after that is a trial run of a few sets. then if he feels theres a good enough market he will get more produced. anyway, stiffer springs would be nice. they dont have to be dual, and why not aluminum retainers to keep costs down? they are still much lighter then stock. i figure os ss valves with stiffer springs would be good on the n/a buildup im working on.
I have an a used head with many good parts. I have used, some of them myself to rebuild a head myself. Tell me exactly how many valves/lashers u need and I will see what I have remaining.

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