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Hi i new to this forum,but i've had my supra for a long time now,but i was wondering if anyone knows any websites that wouls sell performance parts for an 1984 celica/supra......thankx :D
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first off check

then use the search button there are tons of websites that have been listed for performance sites :wink:
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thankx for the help :eek: im gonna try to get the turbo kit asap....i was also wondering if you could help me with performance diffs and transmission kits :lol:
Malloy could you post this somewhere


Here are TONS of stuff for the mk2
go to many other parts

Classic Garage
Online Auto Performance Store 10% off use "Supragroup" discount code

Clear Corners
Clear Corners

Elgin Cams

Energy Suspension

Exhaust Brullen
Dean Andersons Photo Album. Click on "New Exhaust system".

Gude Cams

Jet Hot Coating
High Temp Coatings, Headers

My Oil Shop
Redline Fluids

PST Bushings

Headers, Exhaust

Online Auto Performance Store

Roadworks Auto

Engine Management System

Supra Sport
Online Auto Performance Store

Thorley Headers
Headers, Exhaust

Toyota Guys
Online Auto Performance Store

True Trac LSD

Erebuni Bodykits for the MKII Supra

Celica bodykit, could possibly be modified to fit a mkii supra.

Wicked Bodies
Most likely a vendor for Erebuni.
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good links i have a lot on my sounddomain page off the top of my head
thats all i can think of now

hey zankone where on that site is the clearcorners ??? i reallywant some but did not see them on that site where else can i get some any one know???

actual pictures of parts sold (no generic ones) and unique items found no where else...
rebuild parts

this site has just about all that is needed for an engine rebuild. prices seem to be reasonable and are better than napa or shucks.
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