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Hmmm. On the way home from work today I took Lancaster just to scan the note lots for old Supras like I sometimes do and I thought it odd that there were only two cars parked in front of the Pep Boys at Lancaster & Edgewood Terrace. Usually the parking lot is nearly full. Next closest to me is 8 miles away and I hope its not gone too. Pep Boys was always had a better selection of car care products, engine paints and just odd little bits that Autozoned and OhReally's didn't carry. What really sucked was when Gateway was bought out by OhReally's. Gateway always had miscellaneous nuts and bolts and fasteners and if you just needed ONE, they'd just give it to you rather than ring up a sale for 25 cents. The first to fall I think was Western Auto. Some of my fondest memories of childhood were accompanying my dad to the Western Auto and browsing the store while they installed new tires on dad's Fairlane. They sold Craftsman hand tools and I bought a whole bunch of tools there before I even had my first car to work on. If this trend continues, I guess I'll be ordering all my parts over the internet before long.

Phil D.
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