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perfect roads, perfect spanking

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i was coming home from calgary last night, around 7 pm, and i decided to head west out of red deer... for anyone who knows alberta, this is backwards, but i know of a road that gently winds up through the country side, smooth as glass, lightly travelled, and lightly patrolled by cops whom i know.

im buzzing along in 4th, enjoying the drive and the brisk -17 C weather, and this lil cavalier comes up behind me like im standing still... he pulls into the oncoming traffic lane and motions to race.
i smiled and hit the gas as i dropped into third, and with the mkII right in its powerband i left him there looking stupid.

he comes up again, doing about 170kph, now that ive dropped back to 140ish, and he thinks hes going to get this point, the road is 4 lanes, so i drop it into 4th and push the old girl again
as he pulls even with me we both hit 5th
he got a nose on me, then i reeled him back in and took the lead.

not too sure how fast i got the old tank going, but 5200 rpm in 5th on an 82 going down a 5 degree grade.

REALLY need to put in that 130mph cluster ive got sitting around :)

when i pulled onto the yellowhead, the cavalier dropped in beside me and waved, then gave a thumbs up... gotta love racers who are decent about it :)
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thats pretty close to 130mph, I think 5400ish is 130 on our cars.
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