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performance loss

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so my car usually takes about 8 seconds to hit 60... has a filter and exhaust and what not so it's down a little from 8.4. Anyway, today I was noticing it felt reallllly laggy and slow as hell so I timed it on a freeway onramp which was even a little downhill, it took it about 11-12 seconds just to hit 60.

I took it in to have it's defroster switch worked on this weekend and it was fixed, but when I got it back I noticed the performance lag, any way the defroster switch could affect this?
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if they messed with a vacuum line that would cause a big decrease in perfomance. that happened with me but i wasn't working on the defroster switch though. thoese vacuum lines may be small but can make a big difference.
It's all physics. See, when your defroster didn't work, the cold windshield, when coming in contact with the oncoming air, would cause that air to get cold. The air molecules would contract causing less pressure, a vacuum if you will, effectively pulling your car foward, helping you be faster. Now that it works, the opposite happens. The oncoming air gets hot when touching the heated windshield, expanding the air, and pushing you away, making you slower.

OK, I'm really bored at work. Really, it could be anything. What all did these people touch when they were working on your car. It's possible they messed up some wiring and something is grounding/shorting, causing a drop in voltage, which can throw sensor readings off. Have you checked your voltage afterwards?

well I figured it out, some idiot took my damn spark plug out, dont ask, I get under my hood to see whats up and notice the wire is loose, so I pop it off and the plug was barely sitting there, so I tighten it and put the plug back on, take it for a test... drove smooth and quick again like it should.
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