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I'm assuming Dodge, Ford, and Chevy did their marketing research before investing in creating new retro muscle cars like the new Mustang, Charger, Challenger, and Camaro.

I say our 10,000 members worldwide petition Toyota to bring back a new retro MkII Supra! And I'm not talking about something like the Lexus proto-type -- which would be obscenely expensive. I mean a reasonably priced retro supra like the American car makers are doing. It seems that Toyota's quest to create the best street legal mass produced super sports car (the MkIV in its day), has priced them right out of the market. Meanwhile, Nissan seems to be selling plenty of 350Z's -- I see them all the time in the Seattle area.

I guess "reasonably priced" is a relative term. Even if a lot of us can't afford to buy a retro MkII, I want to see them on the street. And maybe we could afford them when they are 5 years old. I bet they would sell.

Our MkII's shared the essesentials of the Cressida, so Toyota could repeat this cost saving measure by creating a Supra shell that shared the chasis, engine and drive train of Camry or something, with performance upgrade options.

Does anyone have the time or desire to find out how to get our message to the right ears at Toyota's corporate headquarters in Japan? Do the Toyota exec.s even know about our community and how many avid MkII fans there are? Would any of you join in a petition or letter writing campaign for Toyota to produce a retro MkII?
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I honestly don't see it happening but, of all sports cars it'd be the big hit, and the key is the most popular classic model:
Ford-Mustang (no brainer)
Dodge-Charger first then Challenger (probably the two biggest dodge CAR names)
Chevy-Camaro (again obviously chosen)
Nissan-GTR (following the biggest if not second to 240sx Nissan sports car model Skyline)

Now Toyota should definitely follow, but I think they should follow classic lines, I mean the MkII with a few tweaks to body and driveline, when that concept Supra exploded in popularity on youtube a while ago.... I thought it looked like ass, it was all edgy and hella aggressive. I mean yes, the Supras are aggressive, but not overly edgy, the MKIV is pretty round all around, then MKII-MKIII were a little more boxy but not overly edgy and aggressive. I think bring it back, but not too futuristic. Everyone loves classy lines, I had 3 people come to me while at Toyota say they loved my car, "best lines from toyota period"

I highly doubt they'll bring back the Supra, although that would be an amazing come back, like probably one of the most popular sports car sales if brought back properly, and not by Lexus. Toyota is infact getting killed by everyone, I mean remember maybe 5 years ago when we all laughed our asses off at Hyundai and Kia, now look at them the accent runs shit, the genesis has been pretty big so far along with some of the new hyundai models, I still laugh at kia, but thats me.

I'm down to put up a petition, maybe we should just all rally up together, Supras across the board... and go find the US reps for Toyota, and Canadian Reps. When they see the... xxxxxxxx amounts of supras.... they may start thinking.
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there were some comments about mustangs being a joke, and camaros and what not, Right now ther are more performance cars available than any time in american history, check your ets from the newer model cars they are faster than any stock production vehicle made in the 60's or 70's, and I dont mean one off factory built race cars either, I mean what you could buy at the dealership. The new 370 z will run deep in the 13's the new mustang gt deep in the 13's even the overweight GTO was a 13 second car2004 model and the newer ones had an additional 55 hp, the WRX Not the STI is a damn good performing new stock reasonably priced vehicle, there are alot of choices just none from Toyota, it sucks, but look back they never really had anything that fast until the high dollar twin turbo supras, corrolla gt-s in stock form is a turd(I still love it though), and all the supra's until the twin turbo version are slow as well, its depressing , I think they are some of the best looking cars ever made, they handle well stop well, look fantastic, but unfortunately are pathetically slow (1/4 mile anyway) I am just happy they didnt make a blue million of them that way when I roll up with my old ass 83 or the 75 its guaranteed to be the only one there!! cant say that about a camaro or mustang for that matter. Maybe when the younger generation gets to the point of driving the market, they will demand a sportier toyota, till that time enjoy the prius.
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Genisus!!!! Rocking a 8 cyl. Nice how the body line breaks at the door
I can't wait till 2016 in the state of Texas when the only choice will be a whole range of Prius and Smart cars. I still laugh when I talk with our Texas guys at work and they are all driving Ford F 9 billion 50 truck around :D
I don't see Texas giving up there trucks. It's yet another States Rights issue where the Federal government is sticking there nose in too deep. One thing I really like about the state of Texas is they won't just bend over for whatever piece of legislation the Federal government is trying to force on them. Fact is, if the truck is made in Texas (like almost all the Tundra's down there), then it does not fall under Interstate Commerce and the Federal government has no jurisdiction.

For all those bitching about the future 35MPG standards...learn yourself something. The 35MPG rating is 'fleetwide' meaning that a manufacturer's entire line of cars, when averaged together, must meet 35MPG...not every car. That means for every Tundra Toyota sells, they need to sell two Prius to make the average per say. 25MPG vehicles are not going to disappear completely, but the balance has to be there obviously.
True, but what this really requires is that every NEW model has to exceed the standard so they can continue to sell some of their old models that don't. Reality: There won't be R & D $ for new models that don't exceed the standard.
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