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Pic request : Chrome/Polished Valve Covers

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Although the engine on my 84 is plenty clean, the wrinkle finish on the valve covers is starting to come up. I'm considering either full black or polished/chrome valve covers.

Does anyone have pictures of chrome/polished valve covers?
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my buddy is in the process of doing so. He polishes for a living.

I'll c if I can get pic's.

Rabid Chimp has more.

Mind you I'm not the first to do the polishing. Just took my inspiration from other members on this forum with super clean engine bays. :D

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Nice pics James.......I'd like to see that car in person again. Perhaps you can bring it up to a toronto meet. :D

Depending on what time your ohio meet is next year I'll be there.

That doesn't mean you can't come up here.

This is my project this weekend! (since its thanksgiving that gives me 4 days to screw it up... not just 2) I have a set of seals for the valve covers laying around somewhere, should they be replaced or is this not really necessicary??
James...that engine bay looks awesome! I like the polished covers, with the black inlay - very cool looking.

I went with gloss black powder coating. Cleans up really easily too. Intake pipe is ceramic coated.
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Here is a pic of mine, I have polished damn near every thing under the hood that can be polished. All add ons are polished also 3000 pipe turbo compressor housing, 6M-GTE project to be posted in a few weeks. Fingers crossed

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nice.. you guys came through with nice pics...

now I'm starting to think powder coat black.. matches the valve cover... but without the highlights, just a gloss black... hmm

it would really contrast my spark plug galley which is very bright and clean from the engine rebuild.

does anyone have a spare cover on the oil cap side? I already have a spare on the pass side.

has anyone actually done chrome?
I don't think I would do colored ones. Unless the valve covers and timing cover were paint matched to the body paint that would be nice...
I have a couple extra ones you pay for shipping and its yours, paint is already off of it also was going to ploish them for another guy but you can't those who won't help themselves. LMK if you want it.


Lotsa sandin. And haven't polished it yet w/any chemicals.
Heres a better pic below.

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