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:?: I have an 82 ptype and just finished swapping a JDM 84 5mge into it. I just realized after trying to connect the 2nd starter wire from the 84 harness to the starter, that its missing the LITTLE(black) WIRE thats supposed to click into the starter.

And missing from the 84 harness the 2 BACK UP LIGHT SWITCH connectors(1 yellow). 1 black, 1 black w/white stripe, &1 blue w/white stripe or <, thats all in the BIGGER 2ND BACK UP LIGHT SWITCH connector that I see from the original 82 harness that I tore apart :x excitedly. But realized the two harnesses were a little different and I couldn't find a match on the 84 harness. I'm a little worried about splicing :cry:
PIC of 82's4to1setup tell me if anyone seen this before, it works for sure.
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i have an 84 engine harness are you interested?
Was wondering if I could just take off the few wires from the 82's motor harness and put them on the 84 harness. Is this something that anybody has ever done? I think the guy I bought the 84 5mge from pulled them for the 7mgte swap he did and used them to start his 84 p type. Maybe I can do the same? :?

Give us some more info here.... Please just answer these questions clearly for me.

Your 82 P-type... Is is auto or 5 speed?

The 84 donor car... Was it auto or 5 speed?

The motor you are trying to put into your 82.... Was it originally out of an auto or 5 speed? Was it originally a JDM motor?

What harness are you using? JDM 84 harness, 84 US harness, or your original 82 P-type harness?

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Sure Dean, no problem :D My US 82 Ptype is a 5 Speed and motor was in a US 84 Ptype 5 Speed. And is a JDM 84 5MGE motor and 84 JDM harness. < E-mailed the prior owner who I bought both engine and car from to make sure I'm correct. I now just opend up the wire harness and can see all the colors. A bit different and not much info in the Haynes or Chiltons on the difference. :idea:
According to the 84 TSRM, the soleniod wire color is (B-W) on a MT car. You should be able to see if you have the correct wire with a test light while someone is turning the key.

Im lookin and :shock: & see a (B+W) wire. Same gauge but coming from the 2nd back-up light switch connection, 1 B+W wire in the back of that connector OUT AND BACK IN again. Then 1 B+W of3 wire comin out the 2ND BACK UP LIGHT SWITCH connection piece going thru 2 an ECU termial.

I noticed this little starter wire looks to be the thickest wire on the 82 harness and happens to be 1 in the 4to1 setup coming from the ECU TERMINAL STA.

Hmm, I also see a similar gauge wire @ the end of the 84 harness that come from 2 STA Terminals, black w/ those brown spots every inch again connected to a similar black wire :idea: . I'm thinkin its that one, no test light and help right now. But it feels like that hard little starter wire :D
I wish you guys would share whatever the hell it is your smoking :D

The starter wire has nothing to do with the engine harness.It's part of the main battery wire,sub-harnes,and plugs in right next to the fuse block. :twak: :banghead: :banghead:
OK, patient is what I shall be :lol: My theory is the 82's original starter+harness wires was modified/rigged/butchered but works. Who ever did it knew what they were doin unlike me :oops:

But this is what I see :shock: THE 4to1 SETUP that appears on the 82 harness. :idea:

:shock: I see the 1 little starter wire crimped to 4 other wires. 2 BLACK cold start injector wirescoming from inside the manifold crimped to the 1(little starter wire). 1 BLACK ECU TERMINAL STA wirecoming from the end harness plugs crimped to the 1. And last 1 (B+W) wire crimped to the 1 and close to 5 inches long connected next to the 2ND BIGGER BACK UP LIGHT connection,+ that same B+W comes out the 2ND BIG BUL connector out to end of 82's harness into an ECU terminal. :idea:

Really hope this is making sense :x and really appreciate the help :D .
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A test light is real cheap, use a longer piece of wire and you can check it out with one person. I don't have my car here, but the TSRM does look like the starter wire is not part of the engine harness.

Spend the $5 for a test light, or make one up yourself.
test light

Ok, I'm learnin some new things here. I've learned from Dean how the wire is routed and setup refering to 83-85 models. I believe my 82 setup where the 2nd little starter wire is routed and setup is done different, but in a way that works. The reason I know is the original 82 motor actually ran with this setup to the starter wire. :shock:

Well I've taken off the 82 intake manifold and located where the 2 black wires coming from under there were. 2 cold start injector wires I believe coming out of the STA terminal, and 1 green wire connected to the 2 STJ terminals in the cold start injector switch.

I been too chicken to pull the wires out now, since I have never spliced into a harness. And I feel I don't want to take off the 84's intake manifold just to trace the color of the 2 COLD START INJECTOR WIRES :?: Black right? I do see 2 black coming from there but one appears to be a smaller gauge. Its OK, I will have the guts to attempt here really soon :x
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