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Pics of my race car in a rally

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Here are some pics I found of my race car being run in a rally by the previous owner.


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Nice pics Dean.

Now if we can get you some sponsers and get you into the Targa NewFoundland.

Maybe everyone here could give a liitle towards the entrance fee and you could run the car.
:thumbup: :evil: :twisted: 8) love the takes :wink:
I love seeing people actually "drive" their supras.

WOW! Awesome, simply awesome!
i like the dual rim action you got going there :) never seen those ones on the back before.
Very nice Dean. :) If you don't mind me asking, what did the roll cage cost?
Roll cage came with the car.... From what I remember Dean telling me. He did post some pictures somewhere (can't find them now). The car is actually a 83??? (I think), so ignore the 84 - 86 nose. The car was originally Terra Cotta (dataplate paint code confirms this) and even though the back half of the car is gutted, the passenger seat/door panels/dash are still there in TC Cloth.
i must say, supras look good when theyre all dirty
those are some nice pics dean, good job on finding them :)
Rally pics

Thanks guys.

I just found those pics this weekend on a website for the car club that the previous owner belonged to. He ran it in this rally in the summer of 2001. I thought they were pretty cool, so decided to put them up for all to see.

Those back rims are 15x7 with zero offset. I'm not a big fan of the styling. A set of 4 came with the car. Two of them have BFG racing slicks and two have winter tires. I always wondered what the winter tires were for, now I know! :lol:

Targa Newfoundland!!! Maybe some year, but I think I need to get my feet wet in racing before I enter that! It looks like it would be a blast though!

Wade/Chris. Yes, the roll cage was in the car when I bought it. Good memory Chris!! It's an 82, originally Terra Cotta. It was built into a race car in 1994 by a guy in the Orlando Florida area, named Bill Snowden. I'd sure like to track him down to talk to him about the car and to let him know that it is still being raced. Here are a couple of pics taken when the car was first "built".

I've just updated my website at
I added a lot more pics of my cars, including a page of pics of the race car.

Many more pics of the race car and its mods can also be seen at

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I'm enjoying the car!
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Aside from a cage and being stripped, what makes this 'race car' different than the typical mk2 with some basic mods?
Malloy said:
Aside from a cage and being stripped, what makes this 'race car' different than the typical mk2 with some basic mods?
Geez Mike,
You can tell just by looking.....NO license plates
JK !!!
Malloy said:
Aside from a cage and being stripped, what makes this 'race car' different than the typical mk2 with some basic mods?
:bitchsla: He actually drives it the way it should be :wink:
Dean, how do the front beams on the cage attach to the car? Do they go right through the dash or around it? If they don't go through the dash pad do you think you could post a pic of that area? Thanks

Take a look at the pics at and go to the second page of pics. You should see some good shots of the interior, from different angles.

Mike, It's not much different than a stock Mk2. :p But it's the only Mk2 that I've ever seen in person that has been modded to this extent for racing.
I'd say it has all the basic mods, plus some hard-to-find parts on it.
See the new page on my website for more info on this car. I just put it up last night. Go to my home page, then click on the pic of the two-tone car.
I don't know for sure what work was done to the motor, that's why I'd like to talk to the original "builder" in Florida.
Once again you rock! :worship:
I guess thats why they call you " The Dean" :lol:
AWSOME! She looks grrrrrrrreat dirty!
Dude, that is awesome! I also love it when the Supras get used as race and rally cars, not just prettied up daily drivers. I had thought of doing the same to a MKIII N/A car I have. Now you've got me in the fever! But there aren't as many off-road courses around here. Guess I'll have to stick with drag racing here in the ol' South.. ;)

Hey wait a miniut! That's not a rally course. That's my driveway! Oh wait ... no ... Sorry ... there arn't enough pot holes ... my mistake.

Dean, I grew up driving my dads 85 Celica GT in exactly the same road conditions. Nothing compares in the fun department to a long sweeping gravel corner at 120 km sidways. :evil2:

Totally Awsome! Im putting a role cage in my 84 for dirt track but maybe I should set it up for rally instead!
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