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Pics of my Supra at Willow Springs Raceway

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Don't laugh, kay? First day out on a full course track! Oh yea, the Porsche was tryin' to keep up w/me (said my "camera crew"), but had some $40 Sumitomo tires on it! He never did keep up w/me in all 3 sessions, wish I could say the same for them Bimmers!

(oh yeah, and the NASA girlz are a bonus for ya!)
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My god! That is one sweet Camaro!!! And yes, they must be a handful! The guys wasn't doing too well out on the track, he would power thru on the back straight, but everything else he just kinda took it easy.
I was pretty happy with the way the Supra did out there! I got to pass quite a few folks out there, and got passed a bunch too, but I think I held my own pretty well nonetheless.
More pics to come around the end of May!
Oh yeah, Bob, that wasn't me! Guess those were the winners of the Sunday race, they do several races between the drivers ed sessions. Btw, any word on the shipping yet??? :)
Yep! Sure will!!! Next session will be May 24-25, but I'll only run that Sunday. It's usually $5 or $10 to get into the track to watch, but it's definitely worth it since they'll have 2 or 3 races, a few bmw sessions and 4 drivers ed groups.
You thinkin' of comin' down?
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