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pics of the 300zx i'm doin -- t70 turbo mmmmmm...

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Well.. I know it isn't a supra but it's still one of the cars in my shop right now.

Here it is, the 300zx i've been working on for the past 2 years. T70 turbo, 38mm external wastegate, and the latest addition is a twin intake system to support the twin mafs i'm running. These are only progress pics... This car has about 500 hours in it so far... it was my first project and we put 270 hp down last year (guestimate taking into account injector size, boost pressure etc...) and now we are going for 450hp

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dude thats sweet i dont care what any one says. thats cool. my buddy's got one of those but with like 140HP haha
This is why i love this forum, you post the pics of a 300zx and u wont get bashed. On the other hand say u were to put a supra build pics on lets say it would be flame fest comments like "what the hell is that?" would be stated or "is that the one that blows the headgaskets?".
lol! too true... headgaskets eh... hmmm thats how both of these projects started (supra and 300zx)... always starts with the headgasket.. then its custom forged pistons... on and on... lol.
nice, i hope your going with some better looking filters though.
yeah.. same style, but chrome, that one is just the one i can scar up. I've got more pics of the bottom of the hood, but i'm only gonna the final pics later.
i have great memories of my buddies old z31. 3" exhaust, intake, starion FMIC, bigger TB (from a 240), electric fan and Alu rad, and a boost controller at 15 psi :) 1.6 60' and a 13.9 1/4 before the IC, rad, fan, TB....what a damned fun car it was.

big smoking burnouts in third behind a mall, lol. people came around to see, they thought it was a fire at first, lol.

nice looking project you got there man, just like on the mk2, camber mod will be your friend :) sure was on my buddies car.
the customer who owns this z31 is a drag-racing kinda guy... and he's cheap, lol. Anyhow, at the moment the biggest necessities are clutch and fuel pump as the stocker can only flow a little over 300hp, i'd like to convince him to do more, but he seems to respond to new expenses better when they are presented to him one at a time over a long period. btw.. i finished all the welding today, but i want to put on the bondo and sand/prime it first before i post more pics.
Awesome work Mark...make sure you keep us upto speed on this badboy!! Thanks for sharing...
thanks man.. and i forgot to mention that the other 300 sounded awesome.. this one i am gonna try and re-map the ecu myself.. terrifying, but hopefully all goes well... practice for my supra lol.
Here is some pics of the underside of the hood before bondo -- there are 32 pieces that i had to weld in --ouch! So far the hood has taken about 35 hours... I am by no means a body man. hehehe.
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i have a 85 300zx i came across this searching google i was wondering if you had to do modifications to make the turbo itself fit??
No, just make a wish, and you'll find that the turbo will install itself.
could you possibly upload a pic if you have one of the turbo and header?? thanks
Is this you a long time ago?

I remember someone selling that ported head on the mk2 a long time ago. My friend is putting a t70 on his 300zx as well he needs to figure out where to put the waste gate at though.

Also to the guy asking if the turbo fits. Yes it fits the manifold but its very close to the uni body rails. Also the waste gate on the stock 300zx is part of the turbo so a t70 will have to have a waste gate flange welded to the stock manifold or on a adapter between the turbo and the manifold.
could you possibly upload a pic if you have one of the turbo and header?? thanks

Not to be a dick but maybe you should try a Z forum.
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