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so are you putting some seirous power on the K car

I have a couple of friends her who is really into 2.2L 2.5L turbo's and they have run pretty respective number... one run a low 10's on his tubechassis RWD charger body running a 2.2L built motor with a huge FAST MOTION turbo w/ NOS on huge slicks... he has the fastest 2.2L in the US....
while the onther one has a Dodge OMNI running a 2.2L w/ a T3 turbo2... he is running low 11's on boost and still having problems with traction on those 26X10.5X15 slicks... both are runnig built trannys

Oh I just love the addiction to boost especiallt that OMNI launch from the line like hell... almost snap my head off while just sitting shot gun
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