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pix test

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playing with my digi cam this weekend - here are some of the better ones - one will go to the calendar

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Very nice....that's the cleanest midnight blue MkII I've seen. Beautiful!
Gorgeous Supra!
I like #2. BTW the Pilots look good on their Greg :) .

Looks like it just rolled off the assembly line! Very nice!!!
Gorgeous car Greg! Beautiful pictures of it too.

Definitely belongs on the calendar this year
HOT DAMNNNNNNNNNN....i like it Greg...BTW...those NJ pix are coming your way at the end of the week. Don't expect great shots, for some reason, the part of my brain which take good pix wasn't available in NJ after driving 20hrs straight to get there :roll:

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Ahhh Now thats a nice original Cool blue car(ice hot) 8)
I guess this is what a 2005 supras should look like.
A lady is selling an 1986 same color for $4000. Canadien dollars
about $2000 US. but she said it had a bit of rust at the quarters. Its very tempting.
Anyways sweet car Greg.
I just love that color. Gotta be original paint right? I've only seen a few of that color. Always wanted that color...and a black...and white. Heck, I want it all.

love picture #3

Pristine Car. So Fresh and Clean. I am torn between the 2nd and 3rd pic. But I am favoring the 3rd. Beautiful Car Nice Pics.

Only to now get a digital camera,

What kind of digital Camera are you using? I am very impressed with the picture quality.
how did you get your wheels to look so good. what did you do the refinish them?

Awesome car I hope mine looks that good someday
Thanks for all the compliments guys.

These particular wheels were redone by Wheel Collision Center in PA. I just installed them before the Englishtown Meet May 2003. My OE wheels still looked great, I just wanted them to look their absolute best. You can save a few bucks by trying to do this yourself. Check out these write ups that Dean Anderson and I did a while back:

Bottom line though, for approx $400, you simply cannot beat the quality of WCC's work. They have a metal lathe to recut the surface and even use a clear powdercoat to keep it looking bright and shiney.

My camera is a Minolta Dimage 7 with 5.2 megapix. I actually used lo-res pix to post here. The camera kicks ass... too bad I suck at using it most of the time.

And yes Aaron, I love the Pilots. I was apprehensive to part with my OE Potenzas at first, But I am extremely pleased with the Michelins. Thank you!

Dzone - you oughtta grab that Canadian 86 - it looks really nice.
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Greg G,
man thats one nice looking mk2. nice!!!!
not to mention them rims look virgin. :shock:
I thought that was a greyish color till i looked more closely. Everybody tells me I need to repaint my silver and up until now I said now. I NEED that color. That or a dark grey.....gorgeous car!
1st off I'd like to say that car looks awesome. I have a 85 Celica GT that looks to be the same color. It's a very rare color. I've seen very few Supra's or Celica's painted that color. On my car it looks like a gunmetal blue/grey. It is like a flip flop color. Because in the shade it looks grey. In more light it looks blue. And in bright sunlight it will appear purple. I redid the wheels on my other Celica GT-S. I bought the buffing wheels and compound at Homedepot for $40. They may not be the quality of those wheels. But when I had the tires installed at the tire shop. The guys thought they were brand new. Again your car is awesome. I'd luv to see some interior pictures also. Keep up the good work Greg. It pays off and it shows.
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