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Please help....Too much fuel below 3000rpm

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When i tried to start it yesterday mornig, the car started like a dream, but immediately started to "choke" at idle and died :?: :?: :?:
If i started it and kept it above 3000 rpm, it runs, but with a black cloud coming from the exaust........ :( :( :( . Below 3000 it dies...
First i thought it is a "not sufficient" fuel problem, but my mechanic discovered it is getting TOO MUCH .
What can cause this and how can it be fixed? Anyone here knows? Please!!!!!!!!!!![/b]
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Make sure the AFM isn't stuck open, check the resistance on the ECU temp sensor, check the cold start injector time switch. Also check the cold start injector itself. (you can pinch the hose shut with vice grips or pliers).
Good luck!
afm is prolly bad. the cold start injector shouldnt be able to inject that much fuel, and by unplugging that temp sensor wont inject that much either. prolly something with the afm or you have some injectors stuck open.
Tomorow im taking the injectors to be cleaned and recalibrated.
Could this be because the car "slept" for 5 years in a yard?
Also I'm curious, if the fuel pump is not "stock" and was replaced with one more strong (more psi than stock), could this have damaged something?
My mechanic said it is pumping more than it should be!?!
id be willing to bet the afm. also, make sure the vacum hose is connected to the fuel pressure regulator.
If the AFM is stuck, can it be un-stuck? Or should require replacement?
if its stuck it can be unstuck, but its most probbably bad and needs replaced. i had the same problem in my 85. one day it just started running pig rich, like 3-7 miles per gallon and tons of black smoke. put a new afm in and voila, problem solved.
I'm back with a bigger problem.....
The AFM is fine, but it seems i have to change the FPR(fuel presure regulator) and also the "pulsation dumper"
i have big problems finding them because they don't appear in autoshop parts lists....
I have only found them at a Toyota dealer, but they cost 170 $ no1 and 120 $ the second
Also, they offered me a new AFM at the amazing price of 1010 $
For a screw and two other pieces i should pay twice i payd for my car????
This prices are"for real"???????????
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Any car that just sits for 5 years is bound to have some problems. Check the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure guage and see if the pressure test is above stock specs..
i'd bet a day with oprah that your fpr is shot to heck and back. either your return line is clogged the vacuume hose isn't connected or the think is just broken. might get it fixed before your fuel pump decides to quit too.
The fuel resure comming from the pump is extremely high, because it is from a car(??what type??) with a mechanical injection, so....
Could this be the reason?
The fpr died because of that?
Again i ask about the prices, because i'm feeling blackmailed to pay this much only because there are so few cars of this type here(only 6 in the whole country)
Also i have seen an add in germany 84 Celica Supra for sale at 3900 euros(4700 usd)..
Could this be the value of my car?
those prices are prolly right from the dealer. but why not get a used one from one of us U.S. guys and pay shipping. much cheaper that way.
How can i do that?
And how much are the used parts i need?
ill try to check at the junk yard. prolly wont be much. all you need is the fuel pulsation dampener and the fpr right? those will fit in my pocket.
Thank you....... :lol: :roll:
My e-mail is [email protected].
Please let me know if u found them, and maybe your phone number...
I'll call u imediatelly...
Also i can be found on Yahoo mesenger, id= amadeus_and....
when i get paid monday ill try to go to the boneyard. ill let you know what i find. they usually have at least 1 mkii and a couple cressida's.
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