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Please read this!!!

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Could someone please tell me what the symptoms of a bad ecu are?......My current setup is .20 over ross pistons....ct 26, safc.....afm dial turned 11 clicks.......295 injectors etc.,etc...........................Car will start fine and if you hold the accelorator down it sound and runs great from 1500 rpm and up....the car does not want to hold an idle at all......right before it wants to shut down the rpms come below 1000.....there is a clicking sound, possibly a relay or something...noise comes from under or near the steering column......when the motor dies you can start it right back up and the rpm's jump up to 1500 and it sound it was being started for the first time on a cold day....of course it dies right after that....................I have no idea what the hell is wrong.....shes been running great until now!!! :x
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What else controls the fuel pump turning on/off. My fuel pump is randomly not coming on when i try and start the car. I replaced the fuel pump last weekend thinking its was starting to go out. Two days later car would not start again. That evening car started up fine. It will only ramdomly not start. I have checked all the fuses in the engine compartment and driver kick pannel. If i short the fuel pump check connector you can hear it running but the ramdom times the car wont start it will not. Turning the key on/off, on/off will get the fuel pump to start running again but it will take anywhere from 2 key turns to 50 or more. When the fuel pump is running correctly and the car is starting i can take the air filter off and slightly open (1/4 inch or less) the air flow meter vane/door and hear the fuel pump running. Can the air flow meter start to slowly go out and not work periodically? Would it be a good idea to remove the top cover and inspect the inside? Is there any relays i need to check that the manual (chiltons) does not cover? Let me know guys. I am not worried about screwing anything up. I know tons about my car but have not had this problem before.
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Where is this relay?

Also i do know that the 2 wires going into the top of the fuel pump looked fine. I would like to check the relay then trace the fuel pump wires if need be.
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