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Please read this!!!

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Could someone please tell me what the symptoms of a bad ecu are?......My current setup is .20 over ross pistons....ct 26, safc.....afm dial turned 11 clicks.......295 injectors etc.,etc...........................Car will start fine and if you hold the accelorator down it sound and runs great from 1500 rpm and up....the car does not want to hold an idle at all......right before it wants to shut down the rpms come below 1000.....there is a clicking sound, possibly a relay or something...noise comes from under or near the steering column......when the motor dies you can start it right back up and the rpm's jump up to 1500 and it sound it was being started for the first time on a cold day....of course it dies right after that....................I have no idea what the hell is wrong.....shes been running great until now!!! :x
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What year is your car?
What year car did the AFM's come from? 82 is unique. 83-85 should all be interchangeable.

Has the AFM idle bypass screw been exposed and adjusted?
If you don't know what I'm referring to, see a pic I put up at this address:
Look in the album called "Modifications to Supras", picture number 7.

Here's what I'm thinking....
If the AFM idle bypass screw has been turned to allow a lot of air to get through, then perhaps enough is getting through the AFM to run the car at idle without opening the AFM flapper door. This could mean that the AFM will signal the fuel pump to shut off since the flapper door is closed.

Another simple way to test for proper fuel pump signal coming from AFM is to remove air filter, put key in ignition, turn to on position (without starting the car), then use your finger to barely open the flapper door. When you push it open about a quarter inch, you should hear the fuel pump start up. You'll hear the fuel running through the lines in the engine compartment pretty easily. If you have to push it open a lot, something is wrong with the AFM.

Hope that helps.
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