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I'm not worried about weight savings.....YET! Just about a nice runner, so I don't want to put plexi in.

My car is also still painted with primer so no one want to break into it. Do you guys(with you painted cars) really have that much of a problem with break-ins so as to replace the back glass with plexi?

OT sorry....
Plexi is very easy to work with in the oven....a few years ago I made a custom cage for my Day geckos with plexi from the Home Depo. I placed the sheets over Lg. tin pipes I cut into thirds or quaters in the oven at 300-350 F for a few hours and they bent slightly, buts thats all I was looking for.
You would need a big oven to do something the size on the rear hatch glass though.

What about the defrost??????
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