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Plug Wire Boots

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hi guys,

i want to make my own plug wires to fit a 6m head and 7m-gte coil packs. where on earth would i get a boot that's a perfect fitment for the 5m head?? i'm guessing the 7m-gte coil pack towers will use just "standard socket-style" maybe (this seems to be all that MSD sells, at summit at least).

should i just get a set of plug wires made for a 5m and cut the terminals and crimp onnew ones to fit the coil pack and put bigger boots on? it doesnt seem like anyone sells boots in a variety of sizes and i know the coil packs need kind of big ones, any idea where i might find them?

and i just kind of had to ask i know there are many of you who know the differences between 5, 6 and 7ms like the back of your hands, what would i have to worry about if i just used the 7m head on a 6m block?
what im worried about, and don't know anything about:
-the timing gears having the appropriate size/position
-swapping the timing gear (and maybe the oil pump driving gear) on the block (is this hard?)
-the valves hitting the piston with the incorrect reliefs (this will just make an interference engine, right?)
-the quench area or whatever being different and cause bad things to happen
-the cps (this woudl actually be easier to work with; i have a haltech ignition computer)
-crankcase/oil filler hose?

the reason i ask is because the plug wires, coil packs, and cps will make for fewer issues, and my housemate is parting out his rod knocking 7m. hey and maybe it flows better too or something. boy do i wish rod knocks were an easy fix...

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Go to Kragen and get a set of Accell 8.8s, they come with your choice of ends and are extremely good wires. The only problem is that they sell them in a set of 8 so you'd have two extra wires. The come with one end on and you cut them to length and attach the other end so your wires are exactly the right length. As for the other stuff, well, that'll have to be answered by someone else but I hope this helps.
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