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Poison Ivy....Lot's of time off

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who just love's the joy of getting poison ivy getting two day's off of work and then just surfing the forum for those days??? well i've just recently got some poison ivy and have nothing to do so i'm just gonna surf the forum the whole time i have it hehehe. lol. if anyone's got any helpful tips on things to keep me occupied while i have this so i won't spread it???? it says general chat and i've got no where to complain so i i figured i'd come chat aobut it here lol. if anyone else has had this problem and can relate please do. and gran turismo 2 i can't play playstation is broken :x so i'm stuck. well their's my story of lovely poison ivy hehehe. peace out

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Posion ivy sucks

I've had it a coupple of times once really bad. Caladryl is good so is ruhuly gell (sp?) also a drying astringent helps from keeping it spreading. Oh and dont forget to clean yourself and your contimanated clothing with technu soap....

I feel for ya...

You may or may not want to try this, but bleach really dabbed on with a Q-tip works wonders for drying it out. I am fighting a few spots myself at the moment. Must be pretty bad to cause you to stay home. If I get it real bad, cortisone shots, or a dose pack is the only thing that works.
well at the moment i'm on a steriod for it and also they've given me a cream i get this stuff reallly badly. i got it once in 2nd grade where i looked exaclty like two face from batman i mean it was perfectly split down the center of my body from head to toe lol. and i was out of school for a week or two because i get it that badly lol. well it really really blows and i've heard of using bleach except for the fact that it will burn your skin really bad and hurt for a while. but i don't feel like bleaching it though because i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and think more is better for stuff like that lol. well i'm gonna sit here and wish i was at work for the next day lol. peace out.


I'm just kidding i feel sorry for you, my brother, mother and my girlfriend get it really really bad, but not me. Unfortunately though that means i get to do all the weeding around the house.....i've always heard use that pink calamine (spelling?) lotion, but now they make clear stuff you can put on that works just as well, if you want to waste the money then you could go to a doctor and get the steroid that helps heal it, but suffer and put yourself in a straight jacket to keep from goodluck with the weed.
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