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dohc82 said:
Thanks for the support I am looking for a copy of the Calgary code.
Contact the local police Department, and ask them to fax you a copy of the statute. The Statute number should be listed somewhere on the ticket. If they won't, call the local courthouse and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

FWIW, in the U.S., many states don't have specific db levels, but if the officer deems it to be "too loud or harsh" at a distance (most states say between 50 and 75 feet), then your pretty much screwed.

When you go to court, another good weapon you can have is to have the manufacturers paperwork on the db rating of their muffler. Most manufacturers can provide that with nothing more than a phone call, and it should have a comparison on there to similar O.E. style mufflers.
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