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power ant

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where do i get the power ant replacement from? No one in my area has the HARADA Mqx(B)2. also how about getting a bra for my 86. I bet i got to get a used one from someone huh? any info would be great.

thanks jeremy
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If it's just your factory mast that's messed up (plastic guide on inside with teeth), just buy a new mast if everything else is ok. Toyota parts dept should have no problem getting one for you. It's not "too" hard to install it, just be patient, take the motor out and do it right. That's what I did.

The factory antenna is much better, quieter and smoother than anything aftermarket...even the Harada.
With a little creativity and the hardware from the stock antenna, you can pretty much use anything out there! I bought mine from Pep Boys for 25 bucks and used the sleeve and top nut from the stock antenna and all is well.
I'd suggest a Harada replacement though, as the cheaper ones are noisy and probably won't last more than a few years... I'm looking at replacing mine with a better brand when it dies!
Try Ebay. power antennas on there all the time. Or get the windshield from an 82 and do away with the antenna all together :wink:
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