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Actually, I'm glad I decided recently not to go to the Canadian Meet this weekend in Toronto (7 hour drive for me, and my AC still isn't fixed). I bet lots of folks will CANX, sort of too bad. This will likely greatly affect the Meet, but until they get power, they can't do anything.

For a map of the Canadian-American Grid System, see

Being familiar with big power systems, I recognize that much of what I've heard on TV this evening is BS. Fingers pointing based on no knowledge, and even worse, stupid statements from folks with no knowledge, such as "it is a third world electric system" - right, a gas powered generator down the street with voltage drops down to about 90V-AC (actually 180V-AC in most of the world) by the end of the line, and power turned-off by 10 PM. TOO much hype.

BTW, it takes at least 1 hour to reset tripped breakers/switches from a power plant (and power shunts). They get real hot! And those 7-9 nuclear power plants that shut down will take a day to get back on-line (coal plants about half that, NG much swifter assuming they didn't overspeed when the equivalent of the clutch popping in unexpectedly at max RPM happened).
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