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Can someone check thier supra for this connection for me. I think I hooked it up right a few months back but I'm getting a leak now and just wanting to make sure I got it right. I took them off when I was replacing my alternator cause they were in the way.
On the power steering pump there two tubes coming out of a black cap type thing near the lower back part of the pump. The tube from the right side goes up to the top connection on the left side of the reservoir (not connected to the reservoir, just on the left/back side of it) which runs up the to intake. The one from the left side of the black cap goes up to the bottom connection on the left side of the reservoir and runs up to the intake plenum.

I'm not even sure it makes a difference since they both come out of the same place but I wanted to make sure just in case.
Trying to figure out why I'm getting a leak between the reservoir and pump as there is no gasket between them and there is only one way they sit together. It's leaking on the left side (when facing from the front of the engine) between the reservoir and pump. It was fine and not leaking at all and then one day I noticed it had leaked a 1x1' puddle, now it's stopped but low on power steering fluid.

[edit] spelling error. I hate those
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