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After over 10 years of talking about it this is finally ready to go into production. This is a pre-sale, meaning these parts have not gone into production, timelines will be given below.
The product is a MK2 Supra Reproduction sunroof, a 100% brand new Toyota Seal will be used to make the mold to make the fitment was close to OEM as possible. Much like the Hatch Glass Seal this will be made with EPDM Rubber.

US/International Customers Go Here
Canada Customers Go Here

  • July 22 – August 18 – PRE-SALE OPEN – after this date the ability to purchase the product will be closed until the product is in stock
  • First Sample will be in our hands rough 6 weeks after the close of the Pre-Sale
  • Sample will be test fit by 1-2 trusted MK2 OG Members.
  • Once the test fit is complete the green light on production is given and it’s roughly 4 weeks till the batch is in our hands ready to ship
This is a VERY expensive project, we waited 10 years as it took that long to build rapport and trust with the manufacturer. The conditions below are not negotiable, please do NOT purchase the pre-sale unit if anything below concerns you. If you are not comfortable, please wait until production is complete and in our hands. We can’t tell what the pricing will be but will obviously be more than the pre-sale pricing:
  • Once you have paid a refund is NOT an option, regardless of the situation. Please consider this carefully before you buy, any requests for refunds will be ignored. If you no longer want/need the product after you purchase please do what you need to in order to sell your spot.
  • The timelines we’ve given are as accurate as possible on the day this was written. We have NO control over production delays due to material shortages, worker shortages, shipping delays etc. There will be no refunds/discount given due to delays which are beyond our control
  • If for some reason the test fitment reveals a problem we will work with the manufacturer to attempt to fix this and re-test. Again IF this does happen there will still be no chances for refunds or discounts.
  • If once again the test fit can not fix the fitment issue refunds will be offered, if enough people ask for a refund we will refund everyone’s payment and the project will be cancelled

Q1: Where can I can updates on this
A1: All updates will be on this forum post, there will be NO facebook or email updated
Q2: Will this fit the Celica or other Toyota’s
A2: We are only selling/marketing this as a Supra product, please do your own research if you intend to fit this on another vehicle
Q3: Are there any discounts for multiple unit purchases
A3: Not at this time
Q4: What is the minimum Number required for this to go through
A4: We need to sell 25 unit by the time the Pre-Order date closes, if we do not reach that number all funds will be returned. We will not be updating the numbers sold on any site/forum/social media page. If this part is something you want we strongly suggest you buy as if this pre-sale is not successful it will be MANY years before we attempt this again if at all
Q5: I like to be updated often when I make purchases of super rare parts with long build times, What can you do for me
A5: Check out; or Find quality Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Buyers, Wholesalers, Products and Trade Leads from our award-winning International Trade Site. Import & Export on Ask for their overnight from Japan option.
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