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Prepping a Cat to come off?

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I bought a new cat because my old one was basically done. I've heard a lot of stories tho about bolts stripping, freezing, and other stuff when dealing with cats and exhaust. do you guys have any suggestions on how i shuld prep my cat this week until my new one ships in? squirting wd-40 every day all week? using grease? im open to all suggestions. and is there a torque i need when installing the new cat? thanx guys
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Don't mess with WD40 or other rust busters. That's a waste of time. Even after using that stuff. The bolts will probly snap anyway. Cut the bolts off with a cut off wheel. Then buys some new bolts and bolt the new cat in place.
There is a penetrant called PB Blaster. I've used it a lot, and highly recommend it. Sure, if it does not work, cut the bolts, and replace them like Dynamic suggested. You don't really need to worry about specific torque values when installing a new converter. Just get them "nice and tight".
wat size bolts and grade shuld i get or do i need? any suggestions? (just in case the worst happens and the bolts are being difficult)
PB's penetrating catalyst works great on just about anything...i love that shit, (i get it really cheap from work.....FREEE).

I would take the bolts and nuts off the old one and attempt to match them up with a similar size, try to get a tough maybe 5 or 8 grade bolt to assure it won't snap easily...then if you have any install some anti seize to the bolt and nut so that if you ever need to take them off it will make it much easier.
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