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problem!!! help please!!!

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my rear brakes are low so i decided to take off the rear tire to take a look at it...well i took off the four lugs and the wheel won't come off...we have tried a ruber mallot, hoping to get it loose and nothings helping...any help would b nice..thanks

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All four lug nuts are removed and the wheel is still stuck to the hub?

Hmmm if that is the case...jack it up off the ground just enough that the wheel clears the ground...and give it a firm kick with your foot. Don't kick so hard that you knock the car off the jack but what's happened is you have rust on the back side of your wheel where it meets the hub.

Nothing to worry about. Just be careful. A mallet isn't gonna do it.
Yeah you're going to have to mule kick it. Once the wheel is off you might want to take a wire brush to your hub. Seems like a bit of oxidation or seizing has occured.
At work i do it several different way is to take a metal hammer and maybe tape over the face and wack it against the back side of the rim itself...the rubber doesn't put enough force on it and causes it to bounce back. if that doesn't work try mule kicking the thing from the front.....and if your carefull from the back...that should allow you to get it off
If you're going to use a metal hammer..make sure the metal is lead. Lots of weight and wont risk marring the surface of the wheel. Otherwise load the hammer with a lot of tape and towels.
I had the same problem with mine...I just never took it of...I kicked it and beated it with a hammer and did everything for about a hour and then just gave up and said screw it 8)
U can also jack the car up and then realese it hard wala problem solved :lol: . J/K
ok thats to all.

same thing

my hub was rusted onto my axle but i used a slide hammer on the left hub. the right hub is still stuck on there... i might to use a press.. gotta find one first..
well i tried the muel kick and that worked fine
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