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A few of you have messaged me recently with a problem regarding sending private messages on the forum. Your concern was that your message was just sitting in your Outbox without actually being sent out. I looked into it and here's what I found:

1) Your PM mailbox can only hold so many messages in each area. The Inbox / Sentbox / Savedbox all have a little "meter" in the upper right hand corner that looks like this...

2) If your Inbox is showing 100% full and someone attempts to get a PM to you, it's not going to send until you clean out your inbox.

3) The message will sit in the Outbox until the intended recipient does some house cleaning. Each box (In/Out/Saved) holds the same amount of messages - once some space is freed up, the message will leave the Outbox and go where it's supposed to.

It's set-up this way to cut down the amount of data that's backed up in the database - which helps the forum run smoother and faster.

Hope this helps. ;)
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