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Project 2JZ goes to the drags!

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Hi all,

I finally got around to running my Supra down the 1/4 mile yesterday. It's now running ~18psi boost with a fuel cut defender and a bleed valve, so it feels goddamn fast on the street. I just wanted to find out exactly how fast! I ran it on the dyno in the morning and got 302hp at the wheels, so that suggests a 12 second pass, depending on traction and driver ability. :)

Anyway it was a busy meet so I only got two runs in before I gave up and went home. The first run I bogged down badly and hit the rev limiter a couple of times, but the raw horsepower saved me from too much embarassment - 12.997 at 114mph. Just scraped into the 12's, woohoo! Needless to say I was very impressed that the car ran a time like that even after I botched it so badly.

The second time around was much better - I used a lot more revs off the line, and kept a better eye on the tacho. I had to back off a bit in second as it started axle tramping, but apart from that it was a near perfect run. I recorded a 12.49 at 117mph! Pretty damn impressive stuff considering I'm running the standard engine, turbos and ECU. I can't help thinking how easy it would be to get into the 10's (big single and management should do it), but that's a lot of money...

So there you have it, I've proven that I have a 12 second car. I doubt I'll take it to the drags again though, I just did it out of curiosity. Next on the upgrade list is a TrueTrac, suspension and brakes. Methinks the engine has been upgraded enough already. :)

Oh yeah, I should have pics and vids soon... stay tuned.
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Great job Norbie. Very impressive runs with stock engine and wheels. I'd like to thank you for your time and effort. In putting up all of the info that you have posted on your website. It sure has inspired me. Into possibly doing a 2JZ swap myself. Without the info and pictures. That show the swap can be done. I doubt I would ever attemp something like this. All I can say is it's people like you. Who are pioneers for the rest of us. Oh yea will you ever update your website. With the final details on how you finished up the project? A few things were left undone. I sure most of us could figure them out ourselves. But it's aways great to see just how someone else has done things. Thanks Again
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