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ok...tonight i turned 21!!!! yay!!!! and well im drunk....and ive been thinking....i should buy a MKIV so if i ever DUI i can fucking...not worry about ruining the MKII....all hail gonna do 400 hail marrys for the MKII tonight......but yeah.....think its cool id rather trash an MKIV? i love my Cotta!!! Peace...happy b-day me!!!
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Happy birthday.

Don't worry about wrecking a MkIV until you get one. :)
Yay for drunk posting!

*thinks there should be maybe breathalizers on computers;)*

congrats, happy birthday, and please dont DUI or trash any supra, theyre all loved by someone just like the people you might kill. :)
Congrats, :drink: :beer: :drinking: :bday:
Happy B-Day!! Becareful out there.
DUI's are sub-human.
Happy B-Day.

Just dont DUI. Or the only thing you'll be crashing is a 11x11 cell in the local pokie.

Try not to put others at risk for your own silly behavior. Get a friend to drive if you're going to have that much fun. :lol:
yeah right you dont go to jail for dui's you just get a lawyer and get off till your 5th dui then you go to, thats how fucked up our society is..if you get a dui you should NEVER BE ABLE TO DRIVE EVER EVER AGAIN.
The best justice for a DUI is a baseball bat to the knees.
The best justice for a DUI is a baseball bat to the knees
:werd: Knees and a few other places as well.... take em out of the gene pool
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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