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puffing smoke

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I know this is for a 22RTE instead of a six cylinder but the principles should be the same so I hope you folks can help me out. I recently swapped in a rebuilt motor and turboed it and ever since the first couple days of running it it has been doing this. When it's cold I'll start it up and it will run fine for about 30 seconds, then it starts pouring out large quantities of slightly bluish smoke. If I let it idle it will continue for a long time, I haven't let it idle long enough for it to stop and I've let it go for 15 minutes before. If I'm driving it however it's very different, it will smoke until I get on it a few times and then go away. Sometimes this is only a minute or so. Once it's warmed up I can start and stop it all I want and it won't smoke, but once it cools down again out comes ol' smokey.
It doesn't lose much oil at all and doesn't lose any coolant. I did all the right things for break in and changed my oil at 250 miles and again at 1100. I have some ideas but I would like to see what others can come up with as well. Thanks for your time.
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Sounds like the rings may not be seated very well.Option 1 is to drive it,hope it goes away.#2 is refresh the motor again.#3,what I would try,give a decent run at boost,play a bit,see what happens.
The last engine I did,needed a GOOD run before the rings set.I was getting extremely pissed at all the smoke.Cranked the boost to 12lbs,went for an "entertaining" drive,no more smoke 8)
Hey Darin! Haven't heard from ya in a while!!!
Okay, let's see about that 22RTE. If I remember correctly, that's a LCE motor, right? I'm pretty sure they build it just like Tim does (DOA engines), and it took me almost 7,000 (yes, 7 thousand!!!) miles to actually "break it in". I didn't get the smoke, but I had a huge lack of power. I asked Tim about it, and he said after 5k, if you don't feel an increase I'll replace it for you. It came on pretty strong around there and kept getting better till around 7k...
I'm assuming the same thing is happening to you, just not enough miles to seat rings, get bearings mated to surfaces, and all the other parts comfortable in their new environment. 22R engines are like that I guess.
The only other thing I can think of is that you're leaking oil into the system from your turbo, but I'm no expert in this area at all. I've heard that some turbos will allow oil to leak down into the manifold (can't remember if it's on the intake or exhaust side) and cause smoking. I wonder if it's the above-average oil pressure of Toyota engines that causes this type of blow-by? Every Toyota I've had always had high oil pressure...
You gonna do another run w/NASA before the end of the year? I haven't started the project yet (although have almost all the parts in now!!!), but I'm thinking of taking the supe out and giving it one last beating on the track before the transplant!!! Might be your last chance to put me to shame!!! :lol:
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Hi Chris, I actually just got finished with a NASA event at buttonwillow. I got the car dynoed up there and managed 210hp and 220lbft at the rear wheels on 12lbs of boost. I later found out I made this with the computer setting timing down to 7deg BTDC, it was picking up timing chain noise and calling it knock, and almost all the valves about .005 to loose. I ran six 20 minute sessions on 9lbs of boost over the course of two days and the smoking didn't change at all. Let me tell you, the thing flys. I could hang with a C5 Corvette down the straights and second gear is basically useless unless I'm pointed exactly straight down the track. Even then I have to shift almost as soon as I get on it. My poor Michelins were getting roasted around most of the track on the last session. I may run one more depending on how much money I have, I need to pay off the new refrigerator I just got so if the next couple paychecks are nice to me I'll be out at buttonwillow again next month. I hope to see you there.

As for the the diagnosis: if it's the rings wouldn't it smoke all the time and not just during warm up? I did the work myself but got the parts from LCE so I don't know how that works out. I'm going to go check to see if there's oil in the IC piping right now. If there is then it'll be the turbo oil seals, if not...... I guess I'll keep looking.
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yeah, that does sound strange. I guess it would smoke all the time if it were the rings. Was the turbo rebuilt before you dropped it in?
Well, sounds like you'll be smokin' me throughout most of the track next time! Guess I'll haveta work on my cornering then, eh???
As for track time, looks like Willowsprings is done for the year, last track day this year will be at Buttonwillow on November 15~16, if money is good on your end, you think you'd be interested in doing this track? I guess I'd bring the wife and baby and do both days, but need to see what they think, as well as check to see if anything is going on...
Keep me posted!!!
I'd check crankcase ventilation. Some have tapped and threaded the oil cap and put a k&n style breather ontop.

I will try to go to Buttonwillow but I most likely will not race. I don't have the money as my bank account is rather drained from last weekend and dyno tuning. One of the car club members is racing in American Iron and Super Unlimited and will be having her last races of the season there as well as her birthday party, so I'm going to try to go if I can get the time off work.

The turbo was new when installed and I already have a crankcase vent in the front of the valve cover and the PCV valve is working as far as I know. It doesn't smoke on the track, it's just when it's warming up. After I get on it a few times the smoking goes away and stays away until it cools down again.
what type of vale stem seals did you use my friend had a similer problem do to the seals being to hard (race aplication only thing) ----- id drive it some more like was sead befor 5 to 7k after that well we will see.
They were Viton seals and now that you mention it they may be for heavy duty application. I got them in the kit with stainless steel oversize valves, dual valve springs, and titanium retainers. Oh well, I guess it's time to go for a drive, or several.
yep viton was what he had and as soon as we swapped them out the poblem went away. if the smoke dusnt go away then swap out the seals its cheeper then the rings and ezer + id bet thats it.
Interesting, I have a couple other sets of valve guide seals just sitting around so I may do that. I'll have to give fel pro a call and make sure that the ones they sent me aren't the vitons as well. Thanks for helping out. Just out of curiosity how long did his engine smoke before you guys decided to change the seals?
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