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Putting p type flares on l type

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Will it work, can it be done without to much hassle?
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deja vu all over again
********* Ack, ack (search button) ack, ack***********

(Trying to do my best imitation of Bill the Cat, for those that remember Bloom County).
If I had a dollar for every time the above question was asked... daily visit to the forum would be nicely paid.

People, if you THINK something "might" have been asked before, please use the search function. Please.

It looks like this ===>

I'm not trying to embarrass anyone and I'm not pissed off either...but here's the deal: The next post I come across that is repetitive like this, I'm going to make a post at the end saying it's been asked a Bazillion times, provide a link to the search button and then lock the thread. If this pisses people off, too damn bad.

Back in July of this year, I made this post in the announcements section: which I thought was some pretty helpful advice. If you read that thread, you'll see most everyone agrees this is a problem.

I do not have time to write up an FAQ for everyone to refer to that answers all the repetitive posts and possible answers for those questions please do not ask me to do it.

The days of laziness are over.

And, it won't work without too much hassle. It's a collosal pain in the ass, just like the repetitive question posting problem we have on
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I'm not trying to embarrass anyone and I'm not pissed off either...but here's the deal...

I guess you didn't read what I said. You aren't being singled out here, Brian. Please don't let the reply you got offend you (even though I know it already did) - every time we get on someone's butt about repetitive posts we get a similar reaction to yours.

We've tried being nice and that doesn't seem to work.

Just please try and search (a couple different ways...different combinations of words etc) before you post a question. This group has been around for several years now, and a lot of the questions asked on the forum get asked A LOT.

If I had time to go through them all and compile an FAQ for everything, believe me...I would do it.
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