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i start to look for changing my ct 26
mine is already upgrade to a 57 trim , it's better than OEM but the end power is not what i want..
i recently try some car turbocharged with Ball bearing turbo and the difference is awesome
personnaly , i don't want to change my manifold and i want to keep the beautifull RR DDP
so after some research i found those 2 turbo:

Bolt-on !!!

The lipp boss JR seem to be the more reliable to replace my upgraded ct 26 but what's the difference between Thrust Bearing and Triple Ball Bearing ??
if i don't make a mistake thrust bearing is only one bearing where triple is 3 bearing ... does Triple bearing are stronger or better ??
the option is pricey...
what will be the advantage between them??

the lip boss jr will be for DD mkIII , i need a better range of torque and more power to move this fat ass..

the SR series could find his place on my 7M mkII ....but that will wait the death of the ct26
1 - 2 of 2 Posts