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Questions about the 7M-GTE swap

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How much does this job usually cost, would i have to replce the rear axel with all the new power, and is there ne one in the Vancouver area that is willing to help me work on it once the project gets going (meaning when the money is there)
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Let's see, depending on who does the swap, if you do everthing yourself, then expect to pay about $500-$1000 (above cost for 7mgte donor car) for misc stuff such as custom exhaust, upgraded clutch (recommended), modifying IC pipes, fabricating brackets for IC, aftermarket air filter kit (stock 7mgte air box won't fit) and I'm sure there's others I forgot to mention. Oh yeah, you must understand electronics in order to do the wiring. You need to read the following written by Jim King at

No, you don't need to upgrade the rear diff as long as you don't "hammer" the car. The weak link in the diff are the spider gears as there's only 2 of them versus the usual 4.
yeah, the stock lsd is no good for drag racing at all. :twisted:
I'm just south of you and may be able to assist a bit here and there :wink:
It will cost $3000 plus a running MKIII to do right.

I've done several.

I must have done mine wrong then cuz I paid less than 3k for my whole set up including buying a supra!

I'm over in vic and I'd help you out if you covered the dam ferry cost.
oh it can be done for much less, but often it ends up costing more.
Upgraded fuel, injectors, turbo, intercooler, BOV, clutch, etc.

If a person had connections and had a good understanding of automotive wiring, it could be built for under 2500.00. Even at that price your cutting corners, not to mention you must be able to rebuild the motor yourself.
I have built a couple of these car's and let just say, it's well worth it to do it right. :eek:
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