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Have you followed what Suprafiend said in that quote you put in your message?

The usual fix is to remove your door panels, and look at all the connections on the door lock solenoid. Usually, one of them is broken/loose/corroded/ready-to-fall-off. If you fix that bad connection, the mysterious door locking/unlocking goes away.

If it turns out that the problem is not there, my next place to check would be the alarm relay above the rear seat armrest on the drivers side (just behind the drivers side door, get to it by removing the armrest and the panel that it attaches to) Very common problem is water leaking down under the molding at the bottom of the quarter windows, then those relays there get corroded and don't work properly anymore.

I hope one of these ends up being the problem, as they are both fairly easy to check and fix. Good luck.
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