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Rabid Chimp 62mm Throttle Body Question

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I was looking the 62mm throttle body on Aaron's site and I got to thinking. I don't have my '84 anymore to compare to, but doesn't the '82 throttle body have more vacuum ports than the later model throttle bodies? Thanks.
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If I sent you a TB could you get it bored more than 62mm, say to 64mm? Would there be any advantage? 60mm is stock, 62mm is an improvement (it made a difference, right?), then 64mm would be better, right?

Rabid Chimp said:
You're right, every mm counts. My TB guy has done a good number of these TBs, and has found that 62mm is the most he can go.
When I measured my TB to go and get it bored (never did though), the inlet, the part the intake piping connects to, is 65mm where the other end is 60mm....So I figured why not 64mm, but I never did get it bored as I couldn't find a new butterfly plate....

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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