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Raced a Pizza Boy

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coming home last night from bowling we rolled up to a stoplight. Sitting next to us was a late 80-early 90s white 2 door Cutlass Supreme w/ a Papa Johns pizza sign. Light turned green and we gunned it, not meaning to race the pizza boy, just showing off to our uncle who was riding behind us. Well we noticed the Cutlass was keeping up w/ us so we kept gunning it, we ran head to head neither one of us inching up on the other to 70mph, that's where we backed off.
I just wish I knew some stats on that Cutlass to say if I did well or not ( stats meaning HP and weight )
I'm guessing it was a 3.8, but I dunno the ponies on it in that year and I'm guessing that Cutlass was about the same weight, plus it was an automatic, and stayed right w/ us through every shift
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Wonder what the milage is on a car like that. I delivered pizza for years with my Celica, and even that wasn't so good on gas for that job.
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