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Toyo has the RA-1 in 225/50R14. Will last longer than the Hoosiers and aren't as greasy feeling. Hoosiers will stick better. BUt you have to know how to drive Hoosiers. Depending on the course conditions, the Hoosiers chunk easier. To get the best out of Hoosiers.. deflate the air out of them and fill them up with Nitrogen (not NOS).

Since you're a neophyte, talk to some of the more experienced guys and see if they have useable throwaways in the size you need.

Sometimes you can get a decent of tires from the top competitors just because they either don't like the tires or have run the "usefulness" out of the tire. Their use-life and a beginner's use-life are considerable different. We have PCA guys changing tires out just because they ran them on 3 tracks. Still have plenty of rubber on the tire and can be bought dirt cheap., i.e., one of the guys runs 245/40R17s and gets rid of them mid-summer for a new set.

Having a set of spare race wheels to mount them on helps.
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