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radiator cap & Thermostat

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1. What temperature for the Thermostat does everyone have? I think I have 190 degrees.
2. What psi for the Radiator cap does everyone have?I think I have the one somewhere 13 psi.

Q' I ask these question because I'm having problems with temp. gauge. It gets to mid level after driving for a while and fluctuates near redline when driving for a while at 50+mph with A/C cooler on. I'm thinking these might be the problem. I'm using Toyota Red coolant if that matters.
I hope a hose doesn't swell and leak at the heater hose (behind the engine) like it did a while back. The reason for that was the thermostat, which I changed then.
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Radiators are cheap, I suggest a reverse flush, 180deg thermostat, new radiator, and new rad cap. That will solve every single one of your cooling problems unless your water pump has problems, and it should all cost lest than $150 if you DIY, which everyone should be able to do.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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