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radiator cap & Thermostat

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1. What temperature for the Thermostat does everyone have? I think I have 190 degrees.
2. What psi for the Radiator cap does everyone have?I think I have the one somewhere 13 psi.

Q' I ask these question because I'm having problems with temp. gauge. It gets to mid level after driving for a while and fluctuates near redline when driving for a while at 50+mph with A/C cooler on. I'm thinking these might be the problem. I'm using Toyota Red coolant if that matters.
I hope a hose doesn't swell and leak at the heater hose (behind the engine) like it did a while back. The reason for that was the thermostat, which I changed then.
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would a cooler thermostat really be beneficial in a more moderate climate, or is it just suited to warmer areas?
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