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So I'm at a light in the left lane, need be in the right lane to make the exit. One of those Daewoo Fake luxury sedans is next to me. :roll: No prob. GREEN. I hit it and I guess the chick driving the Daewoo wanted to get there first cause she stomped on it, but too bad. So we both take the exit and get stopped at the next light (in the freeway :roll: Springfield) It was me and a buddy of mine in the car, we look over and she's all fast and furious, definitely has her game face on and she "bumping" some pop group. GREEN. I launched at about 3k, little wheel spin, a no-wheelspin shift into second and her front tires made it about 6 inches in front of mine. Then the wheezing Daewoo shifted into 2nd and came back even. Once I hit third she was back there a bit. My buddy said he about got singed by the death glare from the driver. :lol: I shut it down about 100 and held 70 and she did the flyby. :roll: really wasn't that fast, was it....
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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