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Morning Folks;

We’re very excited to announce some AMAZING deals for you this Black Friday. Please come back to check this thread daily as there will be more additions.
Here are the deals, ALL the pricing is reflected on the Canadian website. If you see a brand on sale below that we don’t have on the site let us know.

This is a generic write up that I've posted everywhere, I'll just highlight the important bits below.

Most RaptorRacing Products including Supra Intake, Exhausts: 12% OFF from November 26 – December 2nd
Superpro: 25% OFF from November 23-December 6th
Whiteline: 25% OFF from November 23 to December 4th
GSC Power Division: 11% OFF from November 26 – December 3
ALL In Stock MKV Supra Exhaust and Tuning Products: 20% OFF from November 24- December 2nd (DM to purchase)

Diode Dynamics: 15% OFF from November 23-Decemer 4th
South Bend Clutch: 7% OFF from November 26-November 30th.
PowerFlex 15%: OFF from November 23-Decemer 1st
Grimmspeed: 12.50% OFF from November 23-December 2nd
Eibach: 15% OFF from November 23-December 4th
UPRProducts 15% OFF from November 27- November 29th
RacingLine: 10% OFF from November 25- December 9th
SprintBooster: 20% OFF from November 16 - November 30th
MBRP: 15% OFF from November 26- November 30th
Fifteen52: 25% OFF from November 20 - ????
DamondMotorsports: 10% OFF from November 23- November 30th
AFE: 15% OFF from November 23- December 2nd
COBB: 10% OFF from November 27th to November 30th
Raceseng: 10% OFF from November 25- December 18th

Lastly, just wanted to add there are FAR too many deals to mention and tons of vendors have wholesale discounts we’re not allowed to mention. If you’re in the market for anything please DM me with any specific requests and I can let you know.

If you see any other vendors have sales you don’t with us good chance we can match so let us know.
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