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It’s that time again where we look to offload some inventory and where you get to benefit by some substantial savings. We have some amazing and hard to find parts, under normal circumstances offloading this wouldn’t be ideal, but it’s been a very challenging year and the offload of these items will help us a lot.

We don’t usually ask for help but I'll put my pride aside and humbly ask that you have a look at what’s available. There are a LOT of parts for other vehicles other than the ones we are known for, if you know of people or groups that can benefit please feel free to share.

We especially need help offload the many Supra Parts we have in stock and on clearance as we have over 150 parts in stock on clearance including 2J Cams, Valves, Clutches and more. We have seven 3" Metallic Core cats left for the MK2, once they are gone this product will be discontinued for a while. Reason is: we had these built YEARS ago and right now the cats alone cost double what we are selling the built piece for...not sure people will be willing to pay that.

Lastly this offer will only be posted on Toronto Supra Club, ST’s of Ontario, Toronto RS Club; Ontario Bronco Club and Largest Single Purchase Sale of Clearance parts gets you 10% back in Raptor Gifts Cards/Store Credit. Webstore purchase only, this offer doesn’t apply to walk-ins. You can order off the site and select in store pick up if you still want that. Yes this offer is open to anyone in any Country, you don't have to live in Canada to be included in this but please note pricing is in CND.

And remember you can still purchase Raptor Gift Cards at 10% off and then use those to buy Clearance items. Just please note, you can’t walk into the store buy gift cards and walk off with Clearance items…Gift Cards take 24hrs to activate. If you buy gifts card

You can find the clearance section here:
Clearance Items

You can find our Google Sheet here which has tabs for the different vehicles that have parts on clearance:
2022 Clearance Sale - in CND - Quantites May not be Accurate

You can find the 10% off Gift Cards here:
Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

Wanted to personally thank everyone for their support over the years as we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of these amazing communities/

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Hey G,

Might come grab some last minute suspension parts off you soon. 82 is still up at Riworx. Still really interested in that brake kit someday...
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