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rear axel will not come out!!! ANy suggestions appreciated.

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I am following the directions per the TSM and i have the inner axle flange+bolt and both washers removed.
Now I have a very large axle puller with the slide hammer bolted to the wheel studs.

I have been beating on this axle till my hands are sore and ringing and no way will the axle budge one inch..Am I doing somthing wrong??

Could the bearing race be siezed in the hub this bad? The bearings have 475k kms on them and dont seem to have any play but I think they should be replaced (starting to howl) .. any ideas please!!

i could try heating up the hub..

UPDATE: Heating the hub did not work.. so I went to the drivers side rear axle.. same thing.. Neither axle will budge.. this sucks!! My hands are very sore now.

From Yahoo Groups SlooperCat : That is a tough job to DIY. Even the Toyota dealers I talked to shy away from this job. It might be easier to find another set of control arms.'

ok.. plan 'B" remove the rear control arms from my parts car and have them pressed out. Thanks
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They need to be pressed out on a large press.
Another way is to get a spike with a mallet and just pound them out. Worked great for me on my '83 without any damage to the axles. You could also try a brass bar instead of the spike.

I know someone else that did it the same way and it worked for him also.
I tried that with a big maul hammer .. then i tried an air hammer .. still not move.. Tomorrow i will have a second body to try the slide hammer and air hammer at the same time.. then its time to remove and find a big press.

SilverMk2 said:
They need to be pressed out on a large press.
I am in Daytona.. anysuggestion where a place that would do this? truck shop maybe>?
anysuggestion where a place that would do this?
Automotive machine shop or general automotive places that do suspension and axle work. Trick is finding a shop that will let you bring the arm to them and do the work. I ran into this problem when I did my suspension bushing. I tried pretty much every shop within 30 miles of me and they wouldn't do it without them doing the entire job for who knows what reason.
yeah, a 4 wheel drive shop has the know-how and proper tools to do this for you. Probably a couple of bucks if you have it completely ready to go on the press...
Silver, they wanna make money on ya, that's why they wanna do the whole thing! I hate businesses like that...
Too bad you don't live here in the GTA area. I can do it at work in our machine shop. I didn't have to, got it out while on the car
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