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WHAT, HUH???? More peeps are looking for me again??? What a surprise!!!! :shock: :p

Rob, The spoiler (and the front airdam that you can barely see) on Damon Saul's 81 MKI, was part of the 81 only Performance Package option. Besides the front airdam & the rear spoiler, it also came w/ a upgraded suspension package (stiffer springs & shocks/struts, slightly bigger swaybars & Dunlop white letter tires), and according to Damon, the P-Package 5ME's had a slightly more aggressive cam profile.

In January of this year, I got the chance to look at a 2-tone Black/Silver 81 MKI that had the Performance Package option. A 1 owner car (the 80 something year old guy traded this in) & it only had 69K miles on it. One of our PacNW guys posted the ad on our PacNW mailing list, and I drove 50 miles north (to Burlington, WA) one day to go look at & test drive it at the Dodge/VW dealership that was selling it. Had it not been for the fact that I already purchased a Silver 81 7 months earlier that only had 48K miles on it, I would have snatched up this puppy in a heartbeat, this is one of my "dream garage" Supra's that I would like to have. :multi:

So yes, I got to look at this car up close & personal.... :D :D :D :D

Don't expect to find this spoiler in stock @ Toyota.. Am 99% sure that this is now a CLASS F item & if they do have one, they will charge you a arm & a leg. I've YET to find one in a junkyard as well, and if I do find one I'll be wanting these items, as well as all of the suspension upgrades.

Sam is correct in this case. As I explained to him earlier, the rear spoiler is mounted to a "normal looking" Celica hatch, and not a MKI Supra hatch. On the MKI hatch, you have that rectangular "beauty" panel that is below the hatch window & runs the width of the window. The rear spoiler will not fit on top of this "beauty panel", unfortunately.

The spoiler itself is made of fiberglass & it does add quite a bit of weight to the hatch. The hatch shocks are just "barely" holding the hatch up (from what I could feel when I lifted it up).

I did take pictures of this car, but I need to get them scanned in.

MKI's "DID" used to have a few aftermarket items available back in the day, but they are pretty much non existant at this point. Just getting new parts from the dealer can be just as interesting (does anyone have a NEW upper heater hose & a NEW AFM - intake resonator hose that they want to sell me???? These are both CLASS F (discontinued) items @ Toyota and the MKII parts are not interchangeable w/ them).

If you want to get a slightly better idea as to what the spoiler looks like, poke around on EBay & wait for someone who is selling a US Spec 1981 Celica/Celica Supra Sales Brochure. Page 2 has a rather LARGE picture of a 2-tone Black/Silver 81 MKI that shows the spoiler from the rear.

Hope this answers a few questions Rob.
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