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Ive upgraded the front seats in my ma61 and now its time to do the same to the rear.

I have a few options, take it out completely and install a half roll cage.

fabricate a new seat out of a celica st182 or mark3 supra seat.

or get the standard one refubished.

anyone got any ideas or suggestions?


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well, my idea is either insanity or genius.

take it out of the car.... wrap it in low tack painters tape, following all the contours carefully, and do about 8 layers, sealing EVERYTHING.

seal up the bottom and backs with plastic sheeting.

proceed to mold your own in fiberglas, using reinforcing strips and what not.
once its several layers thick, and has cured fully, and is nice and strong, pull the seats out from the back side... you now have your "Racing rear seat" (trademarks apply:evil: :p)

i figure i can save about 10-20 pounds if i do this right.
thats a really rough guess, and depending on the thickness of the fiberglas, it might even weigh more, but im gonna try it.
a couple things i figure i can accomplish with this:
-lowering the seat height, so people taller than 5'4 can ride in the back
-removing some weight, especially when i remove the whole seat in a matter of seconds
-looking cool
-discouraging people from begging lifts all the time.

there are a bunch of little details to work out (seatbelts) and im not sure if this will even work, but i might try it this winter, just not too sure yet.

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Henge said:
Take it out and build a killer sub box! 8)
And multimida computer docking station!

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