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Rearend Help!

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Hey guys I got my 85' 5MGTE & when I put the ACT 2600, I shattered the LSD I mean when i dropped the drain plug little pieces of the gear dropped out, so i went to the junkyard & picked up a celica GT-S Diff, Now after a couple of months of Going Hunting on the streets, when i come 2 a stop & take off it sometimes makes a very scary loud clunch from the rear, & if im on a on-ramp or turning & accelorate hard I get the thump noise I dont know what it could be?

ACT Clutch
7MGE Injectors
Hacked Mass
11 PSI

Just Ordered the APexi SAFC II
Im gonna Dyno the Beast 2 see what it puts down
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Celica rear ends are smaller, if you broke a supra diff, expect to completely obliterate a celica diff.

diff power

Yeah, I always wondered if it were vice versa :shock: But heres a 83 Celica GTS w/ 82 Supra diff

Also it has some diff info on the site too. I thought what a nice upgrade for the Celica, and about 300 pounds lighter too if not more.

Switch back to the Supra diff definitely, maybe something even more stronger, but then again, more modification :x
Actually, if the Celica diff bolted up it's exactly the same size as the supra one. The only difference is the celica one didn't come with a limited slip.
limited slip

Hmmmm, maybe that can do it too. MAYBE No limited slip makes more impact to the differential and for sure much harder on when pealling out, doin drags, burnouts and drifts, huh?

I figure the LSD has a way of absorbing the straight impact somehow when pullin the load :?
I suppose it will absorb some of the damage to the side gears, but that's only because they wouldn't have such a large speed difference between them, the kind you get when doing a one wheel burnout. Other than that it will only heat up the diff more unless you have a torsen limited slip. That's just the nature of LSDs.
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